Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Dating Divas

While surfing the web I came across this really awesome dating blog the other night. Normally I stick to my regular craft blogs. But this one BLEW ME AWAY! My husband will be coming home in October so needless to say I was looking for ideas to keep us loving each other. If anyone has experienced a deployment before, they know as well as I, how hard it is the first few months together.
This blog has some really amazing ideas to show your spouse how much you love him. They are so creative, and even more creative dates. The part I love the most about it, is it usually doesn't cost very much at all. So these ladies know what it's like to live on a budget. It can get costly going to a fancy dinner once a week. There ideas make sure it never gets boring, and your pocket never goes empty! Please check them out!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Jacket Upcycle!!

So I had this jacket my friend gave me, but she has a little boy. It keeps my daughter warm, but not in a pretty way.

The first thing I did was remove the patch off the jacket. I used my seam ripper. Then I embroidered a free design I found offline. It's a flower, using a few different shades of pink and purple. Then, since the jacket was just a bit too short, I layered some ribbon around the bottom. Using the same colors that are in the embroidery design. 

Bella really loves her jacket. She could barely wait for me to finish it!! I am glad she is happy with it because I am. It took me maybe a total of 30-45 mins to redo it! Just in time for this fall weather.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Looks like fun!

I just saw this over at Living with Punks! It's my first time participating with other blogs in an activity. Things are bit overwhelmed in my world, but I think altering a t-shirt will be pretty simple and fun! And who knows we might learn a thing or two! Go to her site to get your own button and get ready to get the fun started!!


So excited to try it out! Like I said it's my first time, any other time a blog is doing something I am always too late!! Yay! Let's have some fun! Hurry up October!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Just a bit here and there

Well, I have been busy. Not as busy crafting as I would like. But I felt bad not updating like I said I would. So I thought I would show you a few things I have been working on.

This is a kitchen dish towel I made for my neighbor. I can custom order these as well. I have been charging two for $5, mix and match. An additional $1 for writing.  

An example of the Halloween dishtowels.

An adult velcro towel I made for a friend. See they look cute on big kids too! : )
My first attempt at making a rosette. I am very pleased with it. But I am definitely still learning. I wish I could share with you how I made it, but I am not very sure, lol. Basically I sewed it like I was making a ruffle, then twirled it around until it looked like a flower, then haphazardly sewed it to the towel.

My newest addition to the toddler towels! I am loving the wild print!
I made this flower the same as the previous one, only I tried to make the material lay flatter, so that I could add the button. I am really enjoying the look that these flowers add. 

And that's about it. I spent all day today crafting, so that's where all of that came from. It had been a while since I actually did anything. Seems like I go in spurts, from cleaning to crafting. If only my girl's didn't need attention or food, lol. 

Oh and last but not least, I did promise to show my fall decorations. I have not finished like I wanted but I will go ahead and show what I have so far. 
This is the centerpiece for my coffee table in my living room. All of my supplies for the fall decorations I got at the euro store, for next to nothing. Of course after buying all of it, it added up to next to something, lol.

The wreath for my door. I bought a styrofoam ring and painted it 3 different shades of fall colors. Then I hot glued the leaves to the ring, and hot glued my finger as well. Let's just say that's not the least painful thing in the world. Who ever said crafting wasn't dangerous!! Then I took some scrapbooking letters, and hot glued them to some card stock, and hot glued that to the ring. Then I took some hemp string and tied it around, glued it for support. And Voila!! Very simple and cost me about 4 euro total! Which is the equivalent to about $6. Not bad!

I hope everyone enjoyed the pictures. Slowly but surely I am getting the hang of this crafting, and blogging! Hope everyone has a blessed day! 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Toddler Towels!

So I decided since so many people liked Isabella's towel, that I would make some more and see if anyone wanted to buy them. I made them with a matching washcloth and eye mask. So the little princesses feel like big girls! Here they are!

This one is already sold. But it shows you an example of my work!

Each set is selling for $20 a piece. I can custom order towels for children and adults. Adults is $20 without the washcloth and eye mask. Just message me if you are interested. I am opening up an Etsy shop soon!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Infant dress refashion

So I have been spying on the blogs, and just about everyone has done some type of refashion. I have been dying to do one, but I am not the most fashion forward type of gal. Let's just say, I've always been known for my quirky way of dressing. So I figured starting with my kids clothes would be the safest bet. Bella loves skirts, but it's pretty cold here now, and she doesn't really have any fall style skirts either. So I took this old infant dress, that neither of them ever got to wear, and turned it into a skirt.The waist line is elastic, because that's easier for me to make and it's easier for her to pull on and off during potty breaks! I did a horrible job, seeing as how I am new to the sewing world and have no idea what I am doing, lol. So no up close pictures, haha.

The Before!

The after! She loves it...and it's wearable. That's what is important. She doesn't care how straight my lines are, : )

Now get out there and get started on your refashion! Saving money is the best, and I promise your second shot will turn out much better, if your first one is anything like mine. It's all about practice right?!?!

My next post will be all about my fall decorations around the house. I hope everyone joins me to check it out. I have a few things up now, just working on a few last minute touches! With the hubby returning from deployment in just a short month, we are super busy getting ready and organizing the house. So working on crafts and sewing has sadly fallen to the bottom of my priority list! I am trying to balance it all out and still get my chores done!! Any tips on how you balance crafts with your daily life?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Hanging Dishtowel

So while perusing the crafting blogs, I came across the perfect craft for me! Bella is always pulling down the dishtowels and throwing them on the floors. Makes me quite mad to be honest. This is the perfect solution, and took me about 15 mins to make. That's only because I messed up at first and sewed down the wrong half. So in reality it would probably only take 5-10 mins to make for a more seasoned sewer! Check it out!! I got my inspiration from Trey and Lucy

All you need is a kitchen towel, an oven mitt, and a button (which is not pictured). Then of course you need your sewing machine! The link above provides a wonderful and easy to follow tutorial if you are interested in making one for yourself!