Sunday, September 5, 2010

Making a year of it...Literally! the spirit of going green, saving money, breaking a bad spending habit, whatever you want to call it; I have decided to stop buying, and start making. Obviously, I can't go an entire year without buying anything whatsoever. I will still need groceries, toiletry items, things of that nature. But I am going to make sure before I buy, that I can not make it. I will attempt at refashioning my clothes, mixing my own shampoo, anything you, namely I, can think of.

I am pretty bad, especially with this last deployment, of just going out and buying, or rather sitting and clicking, whatever it is my little heart desires. I gotta stop that. Especially, since I am creative with my hands, I should be putting that talent to good use. I can't make any promises how these "items" with turn out, but that's the fun of it, and it should be a learning experience all around. Hoping it's a money saving experience as well. So I guess I should have a few rules:

1. No matter what, I must first research to see if I can make it myself. If nothing else, this will help me to reevaluate my purchase, and whether or not I need it. This way I stop buying on impulse.
2. If I can not make it, then I must search for coupons and a cheaper alternative.
3. If I can make it, I must first search the house for anything I can use. Anything I can upcycle. If I am in need of some materials I must first try the thrift store, then the regular store. ( I realize if I am making my own cleaning supplies, I will need to buy some ingredients, i.e. baking soda, lemons, etc.)
4. If I am able to make it, but it ends up costing WAY MORE than it would to just buy it, then I am permitted to just go ahead and buy it.
5. If I find a cheap, quick, and easy alternative to ANYTHING, then I must immediately share it with all my friends and family!

So there are the rules. I hope you all help me stick with it.

This blog was originally intended for just my reviews. But I have decided to branch out, since that was a bit boring. I hope my journey through this adventure brings you all some inspiration to live life less attached to things, and more attached to family. I also hope it brings some laughs! Wish me luck!!


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