Friday, September 17, 2010

Infant dress refashion

So I have been spying on the blogs, and just about everyone has done some type of refashion. I have been dying to do one, but I am not the most fashion forward type of gal. Let's just say, I've always been known for my quirky way of dressing. So I figured starting with my kids clothes would be the safest bet. Bella loves skirts, but it's pretty cold here now, and she doesn't really have any fall style skirts either. So I took this old infant dress, that neither of them ever got to wear, and turned it into a skirt.The waist line is elastic, because that's easier for me to make and it's easier for her to pull on and off during potty breaks! I did a horrible job, seeing as how I am new to the sewing world and have no idea what I am doing, lol. So no up close pictures, haha.

The Before!

The after! She loves it...and it's wearable. That's what is important. She doesn't care how straight my lines are, : )

Now get out there and get started on your refashion! Saving money is the best, and I promise your second shot will turn out much better, if your first one is anything like mine. It's all about practice right?!?!

My next post will be all about my fall decorations around the house. I hope everyone joins me to check it out. I have a few things up now, just working on a few last minute touches! With the hubby returning from deployment in just a short month, we are super busy getting ready and organizing the house. So working on crafts and sewing has sadly fallen to the bottom of my priority list! I am trying to balance it all out and still get my chores done!! Any tips on how you balance crafts with your daily life?

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  1. This so completely adorable cant wait to make one for my daughter :)